Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Year With A Little Love

Cute Baby made by Mr. & Mrs. Love, Cute Letters made by PArtyhauser,
& Cute Photo shot by Hudson Photography

Allow me to introduce you to one of the sweetest little ladies on the planet. 
Little Leighton Love. 
The daughter of one of my dearest friends & her fantastic husband. 
Along with having one of the cutest babies ever, they have the coolest last name. 

A couple weeks after Mrs. Love became a mother, she was scrambling to think of a fun way to document her little Love's monthly growth. I had just the thing in mind. Knowing Mrs. Love's classic style, & the arrival of a sweet baby girl, I knew she needed something girly & delicate but classy all the same. I got to work & a couple weeks later, little Love was celebrating her first month of life with her little number 1. 

Then, our little Love did that thing babies do, she started growing. 

And growing...


She started crawling.

And chatting.

And practicing her Blue Steel.

She celebrated her first Christmas.

And her first New Year. 

And before we knew it, our little Love was one.

Photo by Hudson Photography

Which called for a party.

And a party hat.

Lovely Party Hats coming soon to PArtyhauser!

And cupcakes & sprinkles. And little Love loved it.


We used Leighton's monthly numbers to decorate the mantle.

We hung Leighton's monthly photos underneath each handmade number. 

I had the privilege of planning the party with Mrs. Love. We decided on a Sprinkled With Love theme. So naturally, I made little Love a birthday banner sprinkled with sprinkles. 

I also made her this uber cute confetti wreath. 

The party was a blast, a real cute blast. 

As little Love was growing, Mrs. Love used her monthly numbers to decorate the nursery. 

The really cute nursery! Don't you just love those walls, stenciled by Mrs. Love herself!?! 

And now, little Love loves playing with her numbers!

Little does little Love know that she'll be photographed with these numbers for years to come. 
Mrs. Love plans to use each number for yearly photos of her sweet girl :)

I feel so honored to help the Love's find ways to cherish these sweet moments & I am excited to share more of them with all of you. More posts will be coming your way with details of the party along with tutorials for the banners, invites, etc. Lovely Party Hats & Lovely Numbers & Letters will be available soon in the shop. Until then, if you would like to have anything seen in this post custom made for you, or any party styling done, feel free to contact me. 

P.S. Did you notice the cute photo at the beginning of this post by Hudson Photography? Check them out on Facebook and/or the web

P.P.S. I used this awesome tutorial from A Subtle Revelry to make the Confetti Wreath. 

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