Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ice Ice… BABY!

Ice, Ice ...

This being the hottest summer ever in the States, it is no wonder the Internet has been a buzz with a flavored ice trend. And you guessed it; I am a fan. There’s Strawberry Ice, Orange Ice, Lemon Ice, Any Type of Fruit Ice, Mint Ice, Iced Tea Ice, Coffee Ice…You Name It Ice.

I’ve dabbled in Strawberry:


And Coffee:

As far as instructions go, this may be stating the obvious but I’ll say it anyhow.

Fruit Ice
Chop fresh fruit of choice, place in ice tray, add water and freeze.
Go an even easier route - buy and use frozen fruit!
*I’ve done fresh so far because I was using up fresh fruit that was on its way to going bad.
Add lemonade, sprite, tea, etc. with or without the spirit of your choice. 

Coffee Ice
Freeze the leftovers from your morning pot.
Add coffee with cream or coffee flavored vodka and Kahlua.
*Seriously, this is so good! Coffee shops should start doing this to keep iced coffees from getting so watered down. They should also start putting booze in their coffee to make people even nicer at work ;)

So, flavored ice... do it. It’s a great way to stop wasting your fruit and coffee and as you can see, it’s a freeze ;)

... BABY!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.

A very dear friend is entering the wild and magical adventure that is motherhood. She is one heck of a nester so I couldn’t help but ask her if I could spotlight her darling nursery on my blog. Kami and her husband are drop. dead. cute. They chose to have maternity pictures taken at home, in Max’s nursery tokened “Baby Land” by the creative mother to be. The nursery is perfect! A blend of tradition, teddy bears, soft hues and vintage toys. After having Laura Murray capture amazing moments in their engagement photos and wedding photos it was a no brainer to hire Laura Murray Photography for the job.

Entering Baby Land you’ll first see an ultrasound photo frame gifted from Kami’s sister-in-law. 
*Note to self - that is an awesome gift for moms to be!

Next you’ll see this darling crib and a mural painted by Momma to be; complete with shooting stars, two-toned garland and of course a teddy.

Next to the classic white crib is an extra large stuffed teddy & vintage suitcase full of colorful furry friends.

In the crib are extra special furry friends. The monkey blanket and baby bear are gifts from Max’s Aunties; while the vintage bears were Ryan & Kami’s favorites from their own childhoods.

 Watching over the crib are proud parents and the lovable Coops. I love the chair! The color is perfect and it looks so soft!

Other details include classic books, nods to Max’s incredible name at the changing table and Love coming in with some natural Colorado light.


Have you noticed yet this uber cute belt that Kami has on?

She’s a très chic mommy to be.

And a funny one too, being sure to grab a photo to embarrass Max with in his high school years ;)

But honestly, I don’t think he’ll ever be embarrassed by these beautiful moments caught in the lives of his parents. And if he’s anything like them, he’ll have a huge heart and a huge love for love.

Want to see more of Kami’s creativity?
Check out her blog here.
Or her wedding featured here on MSN and here on Style Me Pretty.
Want to see more of Laura’s work? Check out her website here.

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