Monday, September 15, 2014

What we got cookin'

Fall has arrived here in Kansas City with all it’s pumpkin spiced glory. But, that doesn’t mean that summer is over! I am still hanging on to these last few “official” days. If you follow me on Instagram,  you may have seen this yummy salad I created one summer day. Best thing about it, like most salads you can put whatever the heck you want on it as long as you start with the key ingredients (lettuce & guacamole deviled eggs). This recipe is great for Sundays because it preps you with loads of snacks for the week.

That’s right, it’s the salad that keeps on giving.

Holy Guacamole Salad

*Note that the amount of each ingredient just depends on how many leftovers you’d like of each “snack”.
Hard boiled eggs
Grilled Chicken
- Avocado
- Cilantro
- Jalapeño
- Onion
- Roma Tomato
- Salt
- Lime Juice
Leafy greens
Tri-colored peppers
Extra onion
Extra Tomato

1. Hard boil some eggs.
However many you would like on your salad.
And a few extra for easy snacking later in the week.
I use this method.

2. Grill some chicken.
However much you would like on your salad.
And some extra for easy chicken meals through the week.
Throw some spicy seasoning on there to give your salad an extra kick.
Or use fajita seasoning & you’ve already prepped your chicken for Monday night fajitas ;)

3. Make some guac.
I am pretty much obsessed with Pioneer Woman.
Use her method. It’s the best.
And keep a few diced onions & tomatoes to the side to scatter on your salad later.

4. Fill some eggs with some guac.

5. Add all ingredients to your salad bowl, including any other tasty veggies from your fridge.
I added some cucumbers & sweet peppers.
You could add corn, black beans, cheese … whatever your little tummy desires.

6. Put your extra chicken, eggs, guac, pico, etc. in the fridge for easy snacking over the week.

5. Salt & pepper those veggies & dress your salad.
I used ranch but a cilantro vinaigrette would be darn good too!

7. Eat. Enjoy. Repeat.

Easy peasy, right?
And it looks so impressive!
I like sneaky recipes like that ;)

Still hungry? I vouch for these recipes :)

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